Plan Design
Plan Design is an ongoing process for your plan. Initial Plan Design is important for a start up plan in that we will look at the makeup of your employees as well as your goals. We can discuss safe harbor contributions and different profit sharing formulas including those that are integrated with social security, age-weighted or cross tested/new comparability.

Plan Design is also an evolutionary process in that we pro-actively review your current plan design and ideas for increasing plan participation, providing more contributions to the employer or adding Safe Harbor provisions to help with the ADP/ACP tests.

Our Service
Our service model allows us to provide personalized service to local clients near our offices in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area or our many clients outside of our area. Our service model also allows us to work hand-in-hand with you, your Financial Advisor, your Accountant or their consultants in the set-up and ongoing administration of your plan.

  • Daily Advantage Recordkeeping

Our Daily Advantage Recordkeeping Offers:

A complete open architecture platform – including access to virtually all mutual funds
Flexibility to work with investment advisors and commissionable funds – true daily trading across multiple fund families; also ability to wrap fees for RIA advisors
Same-day, direct trading at the plan level with load and no-load funds
Automated fund price and dividend income processing
Clearing and Settlement completed by Matrix Settlement and Clearance Services (Denver, CO) and Custodial Services with MG Trust Company (Denver, CO.) Trustee services area also available
Complete participant services including review of current account balances and investment options; current investment information; quarterly participant state- ments with option of mailing directly to the participant’s home; transfers/ changes and re-balancing of accounts via the internet or toll-free phone number
A secure and easy to navigate web-site
Trading with Schwab Trust Company
Daily Advantage Features List (Click for a printable PDF)
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Administrative Services
Recordkeeping Services
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