is to provide retirement plan design and services that meet our client’s needs that are both cost effective and manageable.


is to provide superior, timely, and cost sensitive approaches to our client’s retirement plan needs.
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Mission Statement

Sunwest Pensions is committed to serving and guiding retirement plan sponsors in the design, administration, and communication of essential components of effective retirement planning. We work closely with our clients and their advisors to provide a retirement plan that can evolve, grow and stand the test of time. Our philosophy is to provide superior, timely and cost sensitive approaches to managing our client’s retirement plan needs.

Designated Staff

ERPA (Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent) with IRS
Theresa Conti
Lynn DeRoia

EA (Enrolled Actuary)
Derek Feldhahn, EA, MSPA

APA (Accredited Pension Administrator) with NIPA
Lynn DeRoia
Lindsey Kotz
Lyneal Malicdem
Anne Sagadin

APR (Accredited Pension Representative) with NIPA
Theresa Conti

QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator) with ASPPA
Theresa Conti
Marcy Kirkpatrick
Kevin Maloney
Janet Empett